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The talent industry is definitely exciting! To feel glamorous and to see your photos published or be on a movie set is a dream come true. My family and I have been able to travel out of the country, learn to swing from a trapeze, swim with dolphins, hold a flamingo, be on a film set with celebrities... and get paid for it!



Turner Talent strives to help people learn to enjoy the talent business, whether it is modeling or acting!  This business can be lots of fun, great money and interesting work, but before having someone get started there are some important facts to go over to make sure you know “what you are getting into!” 

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Are you ready to get started?!

My COMPLETE Training & SET UP For modeling and/or acting:

I call this COMPLETE  because it is a tried & true (see comments/testimonials here and on FB!) of step by step guidance to set you up for success!  

  • Introduction to the talent industry! 
  • How does all this work? Modeling? Acting?
  • Pros & Cons
  • The Talent Market in Florida-detailed 
  • How to get in: Agents, Photography, Comp cards!
  • (Don’t get photos until you know what kind the agent wants!) 
  • Scams and unnecessary spending 
  • Lingo (terms you really need to know)
  • Auditions & Casting Directors-explained
  • Understanding online casting websites
  • Paperwork to help keep your “books”
  • Websites for “extra” work and finding other castings
  • Ongoing help for questions, audition preparation
  • REPUTABLE agents & photographers  
  • Copy of my training session, “Introduction to the Talent Industry”!
  • Inside scoop for castings and opportunities!

A personal TDP...Talent Development Plan...and more!

SKYPE and Phone Coaching also available