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Need help with public speaking, confidence, image and presentation?

Let Kelli's years in modeling, acting, sales, marketing and public speaking help you learn:

Etiquette -  in many areas including social media, cellphone, dining, presentation!

Confidence - Posture, entering a room, proper introductions, listening skills, body language, leaving a great impression!

Skin care and Fitness  With past experience as a fitness instructor and a lifelong love of healthy living, if Kelli was not a talent consultant, she would be your personal fitness trainer and life coach - let her share this expertise! 

Runway skills - Even for those of us that are not high fashion "tall", there can be opportunities, so learn to carry yourself well. You could be asked to do a fashion show, or audition for a trade show by "walking".     

Special requests available to fit your needs for group or individual coaching.