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                           NO JOB TOO SMALL OR TOO BIG!

CASTING for Melbourne Florida's "Spacecoast" & BEYOND!

Helping fill all production needs

Kelli is known for getting the job done...RIGHT!  With over 33 years of experience as a working talent, talent scout, production assistant, wrangler, production coordinator and casting director: Kelli has worked in various areas of print, commercial and film productions! Her personal resume includes print TV & film such as Miami Vice, Home Shopping Network, Lethal Weapon 3,  The Martial Arts Kid,  “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Navy Seals”, Pitbull & Keisha’s TIMBER” music video, commercials for Disney, Universal, Toyota, Superclub Resorts, Tracker Boats, Brighthouse, Florida Hospital, Samsung, Kennedy Space Center, Tony Little Fitness and more.

Helping piece together one or all aspects of your project!  Turner Talent keeps a network of all kinds of industry professionals! 

Films *Print *TV* Music* Videos* PSA’s * Industrials

Let us coordinate your project for you! 

Some of the services we handle 24/7 include:


  • Online, in studio or on location castings
  • Union, non-union or real people talent
  • Talent negotiations, Production paperwork
  • Location scouting
  • Production assistants and crew
  • Hair & MUA
  • Videographers
  • Photographers & Assists
  • Equipment rentals
  • Caterers
  • Hotel/lodging, car rentals & travel
  • Residential lodging
  • Access to Actors, models, extras, voice- overs, stunt work, pretty much everything!

If you are a professional in the talent industry in any area, please contact me in regards to being included in our database or see the new contact form on this website!

321-693-7038  Turner Talent    Kelli Turner