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Hi! I am Kelli Turner!

I began my journey in modeling and acting at age 15 and I am still involved after 40 years!  I bring a very personal approach to my business so I think you should know a little more about me.

I was born and raised in central Florida and attended the University of South Florida as a marketing and communications major. I have been married 29 years and have two great children who also have lots of experience in acting and modeling.  



Talent  Development,

Connections AND


CONSULTING & EDUCATION: I decided to open a talent consulting business because I and so many of my friends have experienced the difficulties inherent in the modeling/acting world. I want to help you avoid these unnecessary costs and problems. Who better than a casting director to help you make sense of the whole talent industry?!  I can help because I have developed successful relationships with the leading talent agencies in Central Florida and learned from each and every audition!  I have been a talent, and worked for, and with agents which makes Turner Talent invaluable to knowing what the industry is looking for.   I strive to give you the realistic side of this very fun and glamourized business, and hope to teach you a way to enjoy it for a long time! My personal goal is to help people avoid problems in this industry! I work with babies to adults, and have access to models, actors, comedians, musicians, stunt people and voice over artists!   I’m excited to offer this valuable expertise! I am considered a talent development coach and am very similar to a manager (without a binding contract!)


CASTING & PRODUCTION:  My business has led me to be one of the fastest growing casting services in Florida.

If you are a director or working on a  production please contact me with your specific questions.  

As many in the business, I have worked as talent, PA, casting, wrangling, wardrobe, production management and coordination.  I am the "GO - TO" gal to find what you are looking for and get the job done!

Referrals available Email me: 

I hope we can work together soon!